Last day with Emily. I don’t want both of us to come back to the places “we belong”, I don’t want to go home.

I’m so scared, now that we have done all we’ve been planning for months… What do we do besides waiting more time for the other? We can’t fantasize anymore about certain stuff, it is done and the curiosity is gone. We can only remember how good it all was and how much fun we had doing it but when we’ll grow old those memories, what comes ahead?

I hate the idea of not seeing her face to face, of hugging her, feeling her close to me, feeling each other’s breath… In a long time. I’m afraid the wait will feel eternal for both of us, that we might become part of the memory of our “first times”, something that we want to have so badly but feels so yesterday now.

I am so happy and fulfilled yet so scared of what comes ahead for us. I guess a painful test of patience is waiting to join our lives as soon as we leave Calella.